Monday, June 30, 2008

Dee's 21st Birthday

Today is a special day for my dear cousin and classmate. She just turned 21. Happy birthday Dee! Here's my special birthday gift to you. I call it 'The Transformation of Dee'. Fuyooo!!! Enjoy.

Lawa kan my cousin ani? Hehehe.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Through The Fire and The Flames He'll Carry On

The dust has finally settled, and we now have a brand new Guitar Hero champion. The winner of the Cybergames Guitar Hero III Tournament goes to my brother, Ak Md Hayatul Matin, finishing with one of the most challenging songs in the Guitar Hero library 'Through The Fire & Flames' (Dragonforce). He won a grand prize of $200 courtesy from Baiduri Bank. I will definitely get him into the next upcoming tournament.

Apparel: HardcoRevolution™ by Loko

Champion with 1st Runner-Up

She's Rockin!

Guitar Master and Guitar Hero

Mac Blogger and Maria

Attack of the Tong Gas

Yus (Xbiz Futsal) won 1st place in the Pro Evo Soccer Tournament

The Ranoadidas team who've made it all possible

More pictures of this afternoon's event at the International Convention Centre can be found at cybercanon's blog.

Sai's New Hairstyle

Stumbled upon Sai earlier at ICC. Took a couple of shots of his new hairdo. What do you all think? Komen lerr... ^_^

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prelude To Industrial Attachment

2 more days. That's pretty countable. Our industrial attachment begins on the 1st of July, which is on Tuesday of next week. A part of me says that I'm so excited to experience my first day on the job, but another half is too damn nervous to be on the workforce. Nervous because it just feels too good to be true. 3 years in school and all of a sudden BAM! I'm at work in some organization I don't really know very well yet.

I guess the holidays feel so short for me, but nevertheless this has been the most relaxing holiday throughout my time studying in The Business School. On my previous semester breaks, I had to look after my dad's company. This time, its all about eating, sleeping and photography. Which reminds me, I need to get back in shape by the time the holidays are over. I am bloating up so quickly.

Unfortunately, I never got to fly anywhere at all this year. But I do hope all that will change by the time I start working and earning something. I really wanna travel because that's what I've enjoyed doing all my life. I really missed sightseeing and I'm craving to get out there with my camera and shoot some beautiful sights.

The best sightseeing I ever got this year so far

Also, I'll be dropping by to school on Monday for the attachment briefing. I believe that's the day we'll all be receiving our logbooks. Come to think of it, I've been feeling like I've missed school already. All those memories, the fun times, the down moments, all those things that I've managed to treasure in the form of pictures and video clips. Things will definitely change by the time we start working this 1st of July, and we all have to face it.

Imagine that, this is the last holiday I'll ever get to have (unless if I'm unemployed) because after this it's gonna be work all year round. Thank god for Saturdays and Sundays. Armada Properties, here I come!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cybergames at ICC

This was the Cybergames Tournament held earlier today at the Baiduri Expo. My brother participated in Division A (Hard to Expert) of the Guitar Hero III competition, and as a proud big brother, I'm happy to report that he made it through as the finalist for this Sunday. I will be covering the finals and post it here, so stay tuned. I'm giving my brother the fullest support to be the next Guitar Hero champion.

The Baiduri Expo 2008 is held at the International Convention Centre from the 26th to the 29th of June. Apart from the Cybergames Tournament (organized by Ranoadidas), there are several booths and exhibitions at the Plenary Hall for all visitors to check out.

My brother, the finalist

Getting ready for battle

The heat is on

My brother in action

Well, look who's here...

Panda on the loose

Taking a break with a dose of Guitar Hero III

Trying out 'Rockband' on the PS3 for the first time. Scored a 99%.

The new Guitar Hero On Tour for the Nintendo DS

Rockband, the complete alliance

One of the best HDTVs displayed at the expo. Mmm, crispy sharp!

My youngest brother enjoying his snack

Walk This Way

Guitar Hero fans rejoice. Guitar Hero Aerosmith is available in your nearest videogames stores now! I just bought the PS2 version last night for my brother and it's really REALLY damn good. Most of the A-list Aerosmith hits made it into the game, including Dream On, Walk This Way (featuring Run DMC), Pink, Rag Doll, Love in an Elevator, Kings & Queens and more. I'm currently setting my playlist in my iPod exclusively to all Aerosmith tracks and listening to them on the road. ~ WALK THIS WAYYYY!!! ~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Return of The Coolbox

Due to popular demand, or the fact that our buddy Sham a.k.a Anubis has just gotten famous in the blogosphere (har har har *snort*), I've decided to post this classic video of the times we've spent together during the good old days some years ago, featuring our cuddly grizzly bear brother himself.

Originally posted at my site, this was actually a short clip of a picnic we had during our long semester break when we were still in Year 1 in The Business School in December 2006. I'm reliving the old times. Enjoy the video.

Luxurious Ride

This is a really nice car. Too bad it's not mine. Sigh. I could only shoot. Just something I wanna try out and waste my time earlier today; car photography. This one's a first try.

It's not much, really, coz I couldn't spend too much time under the sun, so yeah. The weather was freakin hot this afternoon (and 2 cans of 100 plus didn't help either). I'll shoot a better one next time.

Wanted To Watch Wanted

Tickets seemed to be fully booked today, so there's no way I could purchase the tickets to watch the action-flick Wanted. The Mall's totally packed, and Seri Q-lap is finishing up fast. Those early birds are sure damn lucky. Oh well. So I've decided to just take a walk instead.

Stumbled upon a bunch of mannequin displays.

This one's in one of those videogame stores.

Backyard Photography

Your backyard is like your training camp, an essential and most convenient place to train yourself with your camera and gear. These past few days, I've been polishing my skills on the art of 'depth of field' technique at my own backyard. Though it's pretty limited when I've only got one lens in my arsenal, I look forward to invest on another pretty soon, and it has to be a fixed lens. The more bokeh the merrier.

Also, I would like to address the issue on 'kalok' shots. Taking 'kalok' shots on purpose does not produce a good 'kalok'. A true 'kalok' shot is when you've manage to get an incidental or unintentional shot of something, such as this bird I shot during my backyard training (raised my lens up to the sky and 'snap'). However, a good telephoto lens beyond the 200m range would've made this image far more superior. Nevertheless, it was a catch of the day for me.

Kelvin Leaving For Perth

Last night, my good friend and ex-senior Kelvin invited his friends and fellow classmates over to his place for a farewell barbecue dinner. Kelvin will be flying off to Perth, Australia midnight tomorrow to pursue his further education at Curtin University of Technology. I wish him a safe trip and all the best in his future undertakings.

The last group photo with his fellow colleagues from The Business School

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