Friday, August 31, 2007

The history of Aura

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Aura was formed on the 25th of July 2007. In the beginning, the 7 members only discussed about structuring the partnership business without any solid business idea in mind yet. It was a difficult challenge given to every business project groups of Sekolah Perdagangan, as they were given the priority to conduct businesses that restricted the selling of food and drinks to protect the school canteen. All of the groups were also encouraged to diversify the business by reaching the outside market instead of focusing on operating inside the campus.

It was a difficult task for Aura to figure out what would be the best idea for businesses that actually worked in their position as Business Students. We were limited to coming up with a product and/or service that actually sells, or at least a need for students in Sekolah Perdagangan. Eventually, the group concluded that the business school students would want things for free and that they will only spend their pocket money solely on food and drinks. But after several brainstorming sessions, the members discovered an interesting and exciting business idea that could lead the group to success. It is advertising in the shape of magazines.

The idea of advertising magazines came to mind when one of the members of Aura stumbled upon a popular advertising magazine in the country, Buyers Guide. The magazine served as a model for their core idea. Additional ideas begin to shape up as the members decided to alter the product's approach, which is focusing primarily on students. After days of research, the group concluded that there is market potential for student-oriented products and services, provided that a vehicle is provided to promote these products and services directly towards the targeted customers. Eventually, the Aura Magazine was invented.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Business Project Begins

The Business Project for our intake has finally commenced. Last week we were assigned to form groups, elect general managers for each team and come up with ideas for business. So far we've had more than 5 meetings consisting of brainstorming, researching and structuring our enterprise project, and we were given 3 weeks to prepare ourselves before the launching ceremony on the 15th of August.

The business project will be running throughout our final years as of this month until May of next year. That's a total of 10 months. It's what the super seniors called the year of hecticness. I'm elected as General Manager of the group that was assigned by the coordinator. For me, it's not just a title. I have to make bold decisions, long-term planning, monitor the progress of my team, motivate them and conduct meetings whenever possible. In the words of Uncle Ben to Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility".

The idea that our team had brainstormed for our core business in this project is concerning advertising. It's still in the process of research, but I do believe that this idea will work, despite that we're no longer allowed to sell foods in campus anymore. My team and I have faith with this idea.

And so, without further adeu, I would like to present to you our company:

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