Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello world!

It's really getting over-crowded at my place now...

A Wedding In Temburong

...which explains why I was not around yesterday, in case anyone's been looking for me. It was raining real bad on our way there and back though, but the boat ride was exhilarating nonetheless.

The HIMYM Junkie

F.R.I.E.N.D.S was a huge hit back in the mid 90's all the way to the post 9-11 years. At that time I was still in my adolescence and only after the whole raging hormone years I've managed to catch up with the series and I became a huge fan of the world's popular comedy series in that era. In fact, if you were just born in the 90's then you're missing a lot of great stuff. Ever since the series ended after 10 awesome seasons, it wasn't anything like it at all after that. Things have been so slow and quiet, until a brand new sitcom emerged out of the ashes, called How I Met Your Mother. I had to watch it (credits to Ejam) because at first impression there was a similarity, but it's not entirely a carbon copy of 6 friends living in New York.

Things have gotten good again as the old days, except that after a decade, I'm in my mid 20's watching How I Met Your Mother, which somehow reflects my current generation. Each season and episode just keep on getting better and better. That's right folks, I'm now officially the HIMYM junkie. It's really good to be back on my chair with a bag of potato chips again.

September 22, 1994 – May 6, 2004
emories of you are forever preserved in a DVD box set

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guess What Movie This Is From

Her name's Sabrina, also known to her friends and on the internet as Sabby Wabby. She's an aspiring young photographer and blogger, as well as a member of the Brunei Forever elite. Being young doesn't stop her from joining us in our photo-shoot outing, particularly in the recent Chinese New Year morning outing on the 26th. Such full of youth made into good use, and I've got 4 more wild and crazy years before I hit 30. Sigh... uhhh, anyway, do visit her blog and say hi to her.

And no, this is not from a movie. It's something I've been experimenting on; turning images I shot into cinematics. Kinda look like straight out of an indon chick flick eh? Well if I had you all convinced in the first place, then my experiment is a success. *LOL*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Macro Backyard

During those power outage days last week, I spent most of the time outside in my backyard taking macro shots of tiny plants. I was really getting the hang of it, despite the fact that I do not own a true Macro lens and that I've yet to learn and master the technique of macro photography. It's amazing how the thrill is to immerse yourself in the world of tiny plants and creepy crawlies. Speaking of creepy crawlies, I will give snapping bugs and small eeky creatures a shot in my next backyard outing soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shutter-bugs Flocked The Temple, CNY 09

Quite a large number of BFF members old and new showed up at the old Chinese temple in the capital yesterday to photograph the joyous moments of the Chinese citizens celebrating the festive day of 2009, The Year of The Ox. It sure was a hot sweaty morning, but nevertheless we had a great time together photoshooting, and for the record, it was like a huge gathering of BFF shutter-bugs yesterday. Too bad I didn't have a red shirt on like the rest of the guys (still waiting for my red BFF shirt order to be ready). Up next is National Day and the Maulud Nabi.

It was so hot some of us had to pop by The Coffee Bean to grab one of these at brunch

The Lion Dance, CNY 2009

Each year, the lion dance show with chinese drums would be held on the morning of the Chinese New Year at the old temple and has been an eye-catcher for the locals, tourists and now shutter-bugs.

Outing At The Temple, CNY 09

The shutter-bugs of Brunei Forever Forum organized a Chinese New Year outing for 2009 held at the temple in the town capital yesterday morning. I got up early to join them at our designated checkpoint and strolled with our gears to the temple, all clad in red to commemorate the special occasion (pity I my red BFF shirt isn't available yet so I had to make do with black) to witness the Chinese citizens of Brunei celebrating their holy occasion.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Solemnization Night

A group photo moment with the newly-weds, January 22nd in Tutong. We've known them for over 3 years and we've reached this far. Congratulations once again to both our friends Ezam and Anis.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Congratulations to Ezam & Anis
Nikah ceremony held on
January 22nd, 2009

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