Friday, October 31, 2008

Job Done

After days of site-visiting, photo-shooting, elephant-hunting, editing and compiling, my project is finally completed. No more stress for me. Now I can have a great weekend I deserve. Oooh, today's the last day of the month of October. I'm so excited.

Close Encounter With Jumbo

One of the most interesting things about my site-visits is that I get to see and encounter the most bizarre and weirdest things. Okay, maybe not too bizarre or weird, but it's unlike something I see everyday. Guess what my work colleagues and I found in one of our site-visits yesterday, which made us feel like we were in an African Safari for a while.

Elephas Maximus, a.k.a. the Asian Elephant

Beats goin' to the zoo

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So I Had a Bad Day

Some paths do not seem to appear as it should be. You see a nice flat green grass surface that you think is passable but turns out to be a mire that is only visible by the time you set your tires into it and submerge your nice clean car into the muck. The hardest part would be getting the car out, unless if its a 4 wheel drive.

Well, that's exactly what happened to me this morning during my site visits, which totally ruined my day. By the time I managed to get it out, my car was totally soiled and in need of a wash (and so were my pair of shoes). Thank god nothing's broken. So please, do be careful. The wet season is on and getting your car in a muck is imminent.

Arrgh, what's wrong with this week?!!

So Much Work, So Little Time

Hectic week is back, and I'm so stressed up, though I've always been reminded in my head of what Sir Iswandi used to say, 'everywhere you work is stress'. Work has continued to pile up on my desk. Plus its been constantly raining out there, which totally ruined my plan of running at the stadium in the afternoon. So much for trying to lose weight this week. Well at least raya is just close to an end, finally. I must say, all that eating has made me nauseous throughout the month.

Indeed, it has been a hectic day since Monday. I'm gonna be having a pretty tight schedule ahead of me this week as we wrap things up for November. Guess I'll be on a hiatus for a while. I'll be back blogging after things settle down a bit in a couple of days. In the meantime, I have no interesting pictures to show you today except this one which I 'accidentally' caught on one of my recent site visit photo-shoots:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Monday Blues

Like every other people on this planet, I've been experiencing another dose of the Monday Blues yesterday. A huge pile of work to be completed in a week time, the terrible weather, and I wasn't even feeling well throughout the day yesterday (sore throat). Nevertheless, I've found the remedy for all that; I went jamming with the boys after work to clear my head off.

I guess I'll be very busy this week (work and personal errands), so expect some minor lack of updates. In fact, my camera deserves a little break. Well, I gotta get back to work. In the meantime, enjoy this theatrical trailer. Something I'm really anticipated to watch in theaters next month.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Havoc Photo Sale, Day 1

Warning: Images may be too blue for your monitor. Adjust at your own risk.

The photos are finally up for sale! Yesterday was merely booking day for our juniors interested to purchase their photos we took on the previous Business School function a week ago. Big thanks to Kevin of Ex-Zone for lending us their incubator for our display station. Not bad for the first day, the response has been very good. We've received very positive feedback on the number of bookings we've garnered throughout the day.

Took me a while to draw that

All photos will be printed in standard 5R size and will be sold at $2.00 per piece. Bookings are still on-going, which will carry on for every Saturday of the week. The first batch is now in their printing process at a renowned printing studio and will be available for collection next Saturday 1st of November (the only day of the week which we are available due to our attachment on weekdays). Those who have missed yesterday's booking list may proceed on collection day.

Marriz holding a printed sample

Most of the juniors stormed our station in Incubator 3 yesterday to have a glance at their photos displayed on our laptops. Bookings were made by filling up special forms indicating their details and the image numbering. We were at first hesitant about crowd control but yesterday went pretty well than expected. See you all again next Saturday.

This is what happens if portrait-oriented images aren't adjusted on the monitor

Macam boss... hehehe

The one and only Cybercanon

Here's an interesting fact. Incubator 3 used to be a classroom for ND/BNF/07, which was Sai's group. Sai and his colleagues used to be in this incubator throughout their first year from mid 2005 until 2006 before their first industrial attachment. My PD/BNF/02 class with Cybercanon was just next door at that time when Business School was a lot smaller. So many fond memories when we were there yesterday.

Somebody needs a break...

ND/BNF/17: Open Class

What a great Saturday. Free food! *LoL* My juniors held an open class throughout the day yesterday. We used to do this before during our time, and now it has become a tradition for every classes to organize an open class during the festive season. Yesterday was the ND/BNF/17's turn. I kept coming in and out to try out different food served on the table. In the end, I got 'caked'! More pictures here, here and here.

Mimiet Zabidi, Enoy Shahroney and Asnawi Puasa (hafal udah nama-nama facebook durang ani *LoL*)

My good old friend Nizam with classmates

The marvelous Tom Yam soup!

Yep, they really did served colorful rice

Gaara D

Akee and Hisyam, good friends since the Pre-national Diploma days

Haven't done this for quite a while

Never letting go her trusty compact camera

Azmina... peeking?

Diyana enjoys playing with my watermark. *LoL*

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Invitation To Baitul Athirah

Our junior and friend Azmina invited me and Marriz to her open house gathering at her residence in Beribi last night. Met a lot of familiar faces along the way; faces which I have not seen for a very long time. Since its just both of us who showed up, we tagged along with our juniors ND/17 in one table. In addition, we were not dressed for the occasion, and we were carrying our complete gear into the banquet hall, so some blokes actually thought that we're from the press. *LoL*

Friday, October 24, 2008

Memoirs of a Chubby Fat Senior

I used to be as thin as a stick prior to my early Pre-National Diploma days in The Business School. Over the years, I struggled to keep my weight at its most optimum. I was a fitness addict back then, so basically I did a lot of cardiovascular activities (running, hiking, swimming etc) to help maintain my shape and to avoid weight gain. That all stopped by the time I was in my second year. Beginning 2008, I realized that I'm gradually putting on a lot of weight and the figures just doesn't seem to come down!

So what really caused this weight gain? Well, based on my observations, I noticed that some of my seniors put on a lot of weight prior to their final years up until their graduation (though some managed to shed off successfully after that) and its kinda like a tradition for the students of Business School to experience this phenomenon (that's right, juniors, you could be next, hahaha). But one thing for sure, its the lack of exercise and the high craving for food during those stressful second year that resulted to this physical change.

Now, thanks to Aidilfitri and an abundance of open houses, I've reached to the point where I am in a highly potential risk of being overweight. If I don't do something about this now, It'll just get worse. I must return to my initial weight, the way I started when I got into the Business School 3 years ago; fit and healthier. I still got my old clothes that I no longer fit due to my waist size, but I'm pretty determined to be able to wear them back because I still love them.

Things have been hard for me lately. The most obvious is when I climb the stairs to work. Its a 3 storey climb and I could not even catch up with my own breathing. And when I'm too relaxed, I tend to be sleepy fast. Looks like my pair of legs are longing for a good hike on the hills (did I ever mentioned I used to conquer 9 hills in Shahbandar?)

Most importantly, I definitely need to change my eating habits. Lately I have this tendency to eat until I am full, with a combination of sweet drinks on the side. Its really hard to avoid it, especially when its given to you for free. After all, Brunei is a country abundant with free food! Well, this is where I should keep a contsant eye out starting today. I must watch my diet.

Hiero in late 2006, Shahbandar, hill 7. (Not convinced? There's more where this came from)

I gotta start running, and there's no better time to start than today. I'm putting my deadline to 1st of January 2009. The countdown starts now. This is exactly how it was like, 2 years ago. If I could do this before, I certainly can do it again. I need all the motivation I could get.

New running shoes, check. iPod, check. I'm off to the stadium!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Fat

Extracted from the Borneo Bulletin Weekend health article 'Beating The Raya Bulge' on October 4 2008 by Hj Abdul Khalid Hj Azahari, Ministry of Health:

Some of us will find our weight has started to creep up. Then we wonder why - when theoretically we should be losing weight if we reduce our meals during Ramadhan. To understand this, we must first look into what happens to the body during the daytime in Ramadhan.

Our body's metabolism or 'engine' slows down during fasting, including the mechanism that burns fats. Therefore, during Ramadhan, fat burning is slowed down. When Ramadhan ends and we return to our normal eating pattern, our body takes some time to adjust to this change. Any food that comes in will be mostly stored as fat, therefore our weight increases.

Well, I guess that explains why a lot of us have been putting on so much weight this month. I have been eating a lot this festive season and now I'm declaring myself fat once again. So much for all the running at the stadium before the Ramadhan. I should start running first thing after raya ends (Lakat lagi ada urang open house minggu ani). But first things first, I need to buy a new pair of running shoes. The last one had already worn out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CS3; Still Learning

These past couple of nights since the function last Sunday, the Havoc Bloggers have been up all night compiling all pictures to be post-processed. Generally, lots of editing needs to be done, but in this case, thanks to Marriz' contribution of the studio lighting, it really helps in achieving quality results with minimum editing required.

Editing is an essential part of photography, a necessity to ensure the best possible output. I mean, who doesn't want a better quality picture anyway? Of course, there are those who do not need editing on their pictures and still produce great photos right out of their cameras, but in reality, even the pros have to be in their digital darkroom to fix their images before print or distribution. Saturation, hue, color balance, levels, curves, sharpening, cropping, spot healing, cloning, etc are just basic examples of what adjustments need to be done in every single photo. It's a lot of work but satisfaction is the goal.

I've been an avid PhotoShop user for almost a decade now, but I still consider myself a beginner. There are many out there far more handal than me in their editing skills on the Adobe image editing software. Me, I'm still learning. As with photography, this is a whole new world for me and allowed me to even spend more time with CS3. All I need now is a faster computer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photo Enhancement

Att: Business School Students who have attended the Hari Raya function.

Original Raw Image

After post-processing

Would you like your photos to be enhanced? Look for us in school soon. Only images taken by the Havoc Bloggers applied. And yes, PP stands for post-processing, for those who have no idea what we've been talking about on the internet lately. So stop making urine jokes! (especially you, that's right, YOU. You know who you are, and you're reading this blog, and you're laughing out loud right now, so get over it)

P.S. Sorry Miet, pinjam u jadi sample ku dulu. Jangan marah, u lawa.

The Business School Celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Teachers Day

Pictures were taken from last Sunday evening's event held at the Hua Ho Manggis Mall ballroom. This was our first event coverage by the Havoc Photogs and served as a training ground for us. I'm limiting the photos here as we will be selling the group photos exclusively to the students of the Business School, which should be ready in a week time.

From the main entrance

Everyone was wearing strikingly colorful raya attire and eager to have their pictures taken. But I attempted to avoid taking group shots as my main focus was shooting action shots with my trusty 50mm all the way throughout the entire function. Cybercanon and Marriz worked entirely on taking shots of guests. Marriz even set up a mini lighting kit for that studio quality group photo moments specially for the Business School students.

Principal Habib and his wife

The night was really grand. I've witnessed several talented juniors performing their dances, dramas and songs. I'm very impressed with their potential. It's really nice to see each and every group came up with their own theme and successfully pulled off an amazing show for us. I hope to see more from them in the upcoming Farewell Dinner for our intake early next year.

The President of the Student Council Suserena delivers her speech

Suserena delivering a gift to The Principal of The Business School

The source of the slide presentation

Mr Metrosexual Guy enjoying his meal

Gifts for the lucky draw

Caught dancing behind the mixer

For those interested to recieve their pictures which we took on the night of the function, please do support the Havoc Photogs by purchasing the images from us as soon as we have finished compiling and post-processing them, which by then we will show up in school to announce the sale. Your support are highly appreciated.

The Havoc Photogs Cybercanon, Marriz and Hiero celebrating their successful first coverage together

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