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Goodbye Korea


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Capital City

Seoul by day

Seoul by night

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New Toy

Jeju Island

Korean Cuisine

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Rooftop View

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Bus Ride

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Nightlife in Seoul

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Heart and Seoul

Feels Right at Home

City Beautification

War Heroes Tribute

Seoul Walk

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November 22, 2009. Seoul, South Korea.

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One Night in Hong Kong

Next Stop: South Korea!


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Brunei representatives off to Commonwealth Youth Forum

Brunei youth representatives of the Seventh Commonwealth Youth Forum in the Carribean, Ak Kamal Ghadafi (L) and Abdul Qawiy prior to their departure at the Brunei International Airport.

TWO youths will be representing Brunei at the Seventh Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) in the Caribbean in an eight-day forum organised jointly by the Commonwealth Youth Exchange and Commonwealth Youth Programme this coming November 21 to 27.

The Brunei Times had the opportunity to meet the representatives — youth activist Ak Kamal Ghadafi Pg Hj Suhaimi from the Department of Youth and Sports and UBD undergraduate Abdul Qawiy Hj Abdul Khani — prior to their departure via Singapore and New York to their destination.

"This year's forum will be special as it will be the first time that all 53 youth representatives of Commonwealth will be attending. We will also have the opportunity to meet up with the Heads of Government to discuss youth matters," said Ak Kamal Ghadafi.

The objectives of the event are aimed at the development of young people's understanding of the Commonwealth and its values; the creation of a platform for young people to contribute to Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) agendas; and the promotion of networking and interchange between young people and their organisations.

"This isn't merely attending the meeting. We'll be very involved in the discussions. Knowing Commonwealth, there is no such thing as sitting down and listening to the talks," said the youth activist.

"The final communiqué from the forum will be circulated at CHOGM and presented to the Commonwealth Secretariat, thereby giving the young people of the Commonwealth a chance to have their opinions heard by the Heads of State," he added.

The theme for this year's forum is "Invest in Youth, Sustain the World". Various topics will be discussed during the forum such as peace-building, economic issues and climate change.

Ak Kamal Ghadafi said youths could benefit greatly from participating in the forum and on his part, he hopes that he would be able to apply the input, ideas and experience he acquires from the Commonwealth youth participants at the forum to Brunei.

The eight-day forum will be held separately in three areas in the Caribbean; the island of Tobago, on board a cruise ship Queen Mary, and finally in Trinidad.

Empower youths with MIB values

CURRENT trends indicate that adolescents today are at an increased risk of becoming unfamiliar with the Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB or Malay Islamic Monarchy) philosophy, a chronic development often linked to lack of knowledge and understanding of MIB, said Deputy Director of Academy of Brunei Studies (APB) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) yesterday.

During a public lecture at UBD entitled "Empowering Youths through MIB", APB Deputy Director Mohd Shahrol Amira Abdullah said that youths make up a majority of the country's population and as such, should not be excluded or marginalised nor underestimated in the national development agenda.

"Youths are an important asset of a country. They are involved in the government and private sectors for the welfare, security and development of the country, and hence, they are leaders of today as well as of the future," said Mohd Shahrol.

However, he said, youths are often not granted a great deal of respect and are rarely given the tools and opportunities to make the excellent contributions which they are capable of.

"The problem with our society is that we have not given enough power to our youths to do all the things that they want to do. We normally don't trust our youths, we always try to control them, look down on them and we always consider them as people who are not very knowledgeable," he said, adding that he hopes this kind of judgment will soon fade from society.

The deputy director added that efforts to empower youths in all aspects and areas, in particular those relevant to them, should be planned and executed effectively and systematically.

Empowering young people means creating and supporting the enabling conditions under which young people can act on their own behalf, and on their own terms, rather than at the direction of others, he said.

"Empowering Youths through MIB" means fully utilising Malay Islamic Monarchy assets to empower youths in this country in order to create youths that are charismatic, independent and responsible, in line with the national MIB philosophy, added the deputy director.

"Through this approach, it is hoped that the youths are able to shine, excel, and stand on their own feet, in the local and international arenas, but still strongly adhere to MIB norms and values.

"Young people are empowered when they acknowledge that they have or can create choices in life, are aware of the implications of those choices, make informed decisions freely, take action based on those decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences of those actions," said Mohd Shahrol.

"We need to empower our youths in order to make them employable, to become better husbands and wives, and to help develop significant personal qualities, such as to stand on one's own feet, leadership, initiative, confidence, determination, creativity," he stressed.

"Empowerment of youth does not mean surrendering all the power to youth. On the contrary, it is a process of channelling idealism, vision, knowledge, experience, activism, motivation and strength that they already possess," he concluded.

Held at UBD's Senate Room, the lecture looked into initiatives to empower youths in the framework of the national MIB philosophy, and to see effective alternative measures to complement those that have been carried out by various agencies.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Financing

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soto in Sumbangsih

Everyone's been talking about it. My mum makes one of the best Soto in town. If you're craving for a really good Soto, be sure to visit her stall at Gerai 43, Sumbangsih Mulia, Gadong. Opens Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6.30 PM, and Sunday from 8 AM to 11.30 AM. Her stall also sells a variety of soup ranging from Hati Buyah to Berubut as well as Tumpi and Puding Kelapa.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kindergarten kids graduate with 'flying colours'

Graduating Kindergarten Three students of Nusa Laila Puteri School waiting to go on stage to receive their certificates at Dewan Muhibbah on Saturday.

IT WAS a happy occasion for students in Kindergarten Three (KG3) at Nusa Laila Puteri Schools (NLPS) yesterday afternoon as they held their graduation ceremony at the Dewan Muhibbah (Muhibbah Hall).

Parents and teachers gathered at the hall to witness their students, sons and daughters dressed in their full graduation robes, complete with mini-mortar boards, to receive their official scroll from the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office, Sa Bali Abas.

Around 100 students from the Telanai, Tanjong Bunut and Sungai Buloh NLPS kindergartens marked the end of their kindergarten years at the 31st Convocation Ceremony.

In keeping with the official tone of the event NLPS Principal Dr Hjh Sharifah Noor Hj Saiyed Ibrahim said in her welcoming speech, "It is hoped that through this ceremony, that these new graduates will continue their efforts to success."

The students will continue their studies Year One through Year Six at the schools and will have the opportunity to learn subjects such as Malay, English and Arabic languages and Al-Quran.

She also touched on the 97 per cent success rate of the recent Lower Primary Assessment (PSR) of NLPS students, recently disclosed by the Examinations Department at the Ministry of Education.

She also said that by 2010 the NLPS Secondary Five students will be sitting for their 'O' Level exams.

Permanent Secretary Sa Bali also shared with the audience a short speech in which he highlighted "the students were of the future and that all stakeholders must be able to nurture their potentials to create model citizens of the country".

Before the graduation, KG2 students danced, performed a nasyid (choral recital) and gave an uplifting singing performance.

A "Parade of the Nations" was also held, with children garbed in the traditional costumes of other countries paraded onstage.

On Saturday, a similar event was held for the Kiulap and Manggis NLPS kindergartens, with about 98 students from KG3 received their certificates from Hj Abdul Aziz Orang Kaya Maharaja Lela Hj Yussof, the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office.

In her welcoming remarks at that event, NLPS Principal Dr Hjh Sharifah Noor highlighted the various achievements that the students have made throughout the year in the extra-curricular activities, such as winning 13 awards in the National Science Base Competition, winning the colouring contest organised by the Ministry of Health (won by Mohd Amirul Aqrabi Ahmad of Primary Five) and winning fourth place in the Anti-Drug Choir 2009.

To further enliven the ceremony, the students gave various song-and-dance performances.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heads held high as cadets graduate

Royal Brunei Police Force Squad 1/2009 new recruits show their mettle during the passing out parade.

SOME 47 police recruits of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) who completed a six-month training course were honoured in a ceremony at the police training centre yesterday.

Guest of honour, Hj Omar Hj Abdul Rahman, the permanent secretary at the Prime Minister's Office inspected the line of recruits. The guest of honour in his remarks congratulated all 34 male and female recruits for Squad 1/2009 and 13 Additional Police Officer (APO) Male Oilfield Police Security Officers (OPSO) squad recruits for the successful completion of the training.

He advised them to practise what they have learned during their training and to uphold and elevate their prestigious positions whilst carrying out their duties as police officers. He said the training was aimed at shaping new recruits to become team members who are responsible, obedient and authoritative as well as highly disciplined in executing their work. He also urged officers to always practise self-control and not to abuse the power given to them.

Guest of honour, Hj Omar Hj Abdul Rahman, the permanent secretary at the Prime Minister's Office inspecting the line of recruits.

According to a representative from the Royal Brunei Police Force, the training was to teach new recruits the core knowledge of policing, which includes a high level of commitment and dedication in carrying out their daily responsibilities and services to the public. The recruits for Squad 1/2009 and APO Male OPSO squad recruits had been undergoing training for six months and three months, respectively, and will soon begin service. Hj Omar also presented awards to six outstanding recruits who excelled in various fields during their training.

The overall best recruit award for Squad 1/2009 was presented to Hj Mohd Daud Hj Ismail, while Norhanizah Basni was the best recruit in law and police duties and Mohd Zulkhairi Hj Mohd Salleh was awarded for best in-line formation and training.

For the APO Male OPSO squad recruits, Alfred Bantin Anak Pagan (pictured above) was presented the overall best recruit award, Roslan Anak Lamit was the best recruit in law and police duties and Mohd Hazman Mohammad Sufian received the top award for best in-line formation and training.

Also present were Police Commissioner Pehin Datu Kerma Setia CP Dato Paduka Seri Zainuddin Jalani and Senior Superintendent Azahari Hj Besar, Training Head Unit and Acting Police Training Commandant. The event was also attended by officers, heads of formation, as well as parents and guardians of this year's recruits.

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People Who Bug Me on Assignments


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Epic Frequency Debut

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