Friday, June 29, 2007

Year 2, The Next Challenge Begins

I just got my result from my first year-end exam. After several months of hard work and determination, I've successfully managed to achieve 6 straight Destinctions on all my subjects. At first I couldn't believe it. I knew that I didn't actually perform very well in my accounting and economics, but it came as a surprise knowing that I got excellent results overall.

But that doesn't mean I could celebrate. I'm only half-way there. Although it does seems like its gonna be an easier path for me now that I've built up my foundation and reputation to ensure my graduation in a couple of years time, I may need to keep up with this momentum and bring it to the 2nd and final year if I wanna make sure that I could get the best access to the best college or career. Not just 'a' college or career, but 'the best', or in other words, 'prestige'.

My sources tell me that by achieving straight destinctions for this course (accumulating with the final year results), I'll be able to skip Higher National Diploma, which leaves me to several options. Either I could apply for a degree course or a scholarship for overseas studies. Or perhaps enrole for a high-profile career in a prestigious organization. But these are merely speculations; I may have to investigate on this matter further. It's only a National Diploma, anyway. It would be great though if I could skip 3 years of HND, I could catch up with my old buddies who I've lost reach a few years back, coz I didn't actually continue my studies for 4 years since 2001 until 2005.

This accomplishment means a lot to me, and it could be an encouragement for my fellow classmates to keep up with me. One of them actually approached me and asked how I actually did it. But its actually a matter of what he/she 'did' to actually 'not' achieving it. Personally, I'm just trying to open his/her mind, and that I always welcome anyone who's willing to accompany me to the road of success. After all, a win-win solution is the best solution. In order words, synergize. I'd be more than happy to see my fellow classmates and friends to be on the same path as I am. My motto has always been like a fellow soldier in the trenches of war, "Leave no man behind!". Oh, by the way, the answer to how I actually did it, its simply this: Desire!

16 months to go. Next week is orientation week for the new batches. New faces. New chicks. Hahhaha. Typical conversation between the guys at the parking lot slash smoking area; New chicks. Ahhh, how I miss my first orientation week a couple of years back. Now it's gonna be our turn to 'me-ragging' the juniors. After that, it's gonna be a more challenging year in which we are gonna embark on starting up our 7-month Business Project, then comes the big exam again, and finally the 6-month Industrial Attachment to wrap-up our course.

So, celebrate? I'm just gonna enjoy my new iPod for now and watch Transformers at the cineplex next week. The real celebration would have to be after I got my accumulated results by the end of the course. Hmmm, I feel like going to Singapore again...

I miss you, Orchard Road...

Friday, June 8, 2007

My new toy

Here it is at last, after months of waiting. Say hello to my little friend. The Apple iPod Video is finally in the palm of my hands. Its black, its 80 gb and its gonna be my fitness partner throughout the semester break. I just got it yesterday.

I've uploaded all my mp3's (that's 3000 mp3's in my hard drive) into it and playlisted all my favorite tunes from iTunes. And my cover-flow collection is 85% complete.

Other than playing music, I'm also gonna use this iPod as my highly durable and impact-resistant portable hard disk. Compared to the cheaper portable hard disks sold in stores, this baby will hardly ever gonna crash. 80 gb is pretty much enough for me to carry for now. After all, I already have a 300 gb portable hard disk residing in my room (coz I couldn't carry it around due to its weight and the need to connect to an electrical socket).

Right then. I'm off to buy more accessories for my new toy now.

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