Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Sushi Fest For Khy's 24th Birthday

I think I ate a lot yesterday. Heavy breakfast in the morning, afternoon snack in Tutong and an ultimate sushi fest later in the evening. Of course, the evening was the best part. Sushi on a Saturday night is something I wouldn't wanna miss anyway, and in the case of last night, It was Khyreen's 24th birthday and the ND/13s arranged a big table for a special sushi dinner just for the birthday boy at Excapade in Gadong.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Nikon Roadshow at Hua Ho Manggis Mall

Mr Kavid (Nikon Malaysia) talking about all things Nikon

Thank goodness I've finished work early this afternoon to make it in time for the Nikon talk and roadshow at Hua Ho Manggis Mall. Apparently Hua Ho invited representatives from Nikon Malaysia to conduct a short introductory talk about the Nikon brand. Hmmm, is Hua Ho a dedicated fan of Nikon?? Anyway, it was a one hour talk mostly on the basics, pretty much everything I already know, but I've managed to inquire regarding after-sales services, particularly in the event of a dead shutter release. But one question still remains and left unanswered; when are we gonna have our own Nikon Service Centre in Brunei??? Will somebody please bring it down here already!

But the real highlight is what's on display at the ground floor of Manggis Mall. Yes, the mighty D3 is being showcased and for the first time in my life I got to try it out and get the feel of its super-ergonomic grip. All I can say is WOW! Price tag? B$6xxx. *gulp* If I got one of these at home I'd probably be taking photography full time for the rest of my life.

Holding the D3 is like a dream

The P6000 also happens to be a fine digital compact camera, and its the latest from Nikon. Highly durable with the built of an SLR body, but lightweight and convenient, perfect as a second body. There's a hot-shoe mount on its top for an external Nikon flash that could fit even the giant SB-900! If I'd ever planned on getting a compact digital camera sometime in the future, I would consider this one.

The next top Nikon model perhaps?

A Successor Is On Its Way

Codename: The D3x
Due: December 2008
Format: Full-Frame
Resolution: 24 Mega-pixels
Highest ISO rating: 51,200! (kiss your external flash goodbye!)

Of course, these are just rumors but according to trusted resources Nikon will eventually unleash it anytime soon. In the meantime, I'll be off to the Nikon Roadshow at Hua Ho Manggis Mall later in the afternoon to attend a special talk exclusively for Nikon users.

On Our Way To Pick Up The Don

Ada usul macam Marlon Brando kah? Hehehe

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Lost 4 kg In a Month! Thank You Morning Run!

Kudos to me. I've successfully returned to my initial pre-Ramadhan weight. All that running in the wee hours of the morning have really paid off. But that doesn't mean I should stop now. I need to keep this up to get myself fit again just like the way I used to be before I got into The Business School.

Mind the socks (don't worry, it was early morning)

Just a lil' bit of error there. I actually weigh 1 kg less than as it was indicated on the scale when I took this shot, due to the extra weight of my camera I was carrying (a pocket-sized camera would've probably solved this problem). 77 kg baby yeah! Nevertheless, I don't look much different except that I got a lil' tanned. Come this end of December I should reach my desired target. And I think I'm ready to integrate hiking and swimming in my personal fitness program next month.

I love my morning run; getting up at 5 AM in the morning and heading straight to the stadium while it's still dark, and all alone, just me and my iPod. I'm not really a morning person, but it takes a lot of effort to push myself to do it. At one point I have experienced a couple of runner's high and it feels really great! The air is so fresh compared to the afternoon. Also, morning run is an energy booster. It's amazing how the body and mind feels throughout the day after a good jog.

One more month to go!

Nice To Meet You Again Mr Stephen

Stephen: "I recognized that face!"

Hiero: "Yeah, 'cept that I gained a lot of weight since we last met."

Stephen: "Welcome to the club!"

Yesterday, Our moderator from Australia Mr Stephen Allen, along with an entourage from The Business School, paid a visit to our workplace where we are currently attached. I thought he would not recognize me but surprisingly he did. After all, we've met each and every year since the Pre-national days back in 2005. I've always been known to him as the IT guy of The Business School, as refered to by Ms Eton (I remembered trying to fix his laptop). Stephen had a really great time at our meeting room yesterday morning as we discussed on our welfare and what we have contributed to the company for the past 5 months. It's really great to see our moderator once again, and to think that this is gonna be the last time I'll ever get to see him before we finally graduate early next year.

The jolly good ol' days with our moderator

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something To Spend Your Excess Dime On This Sunday

A Vision of Students Today

This was the video that was played by Mr Reeda of at the end of his presentation at the Blog It Up @ UBD seminar last Saturday. It's brilliant! I was very impressed on how this video was made and I really enjoyed watching it. It gives me a lot of thought about how our new lifestyle changes affects us as students of the digital age, whether we could survive with it or be destroyed by it. In reality, it's a tougher world out there despite the fact that technology has gotten more advanced than ever. The objective of this video is not exactly to demoralize the viewer but to open our eyes and minds and encourage us to better prepare ourselves to face the challenges in life as a student. Hopefully this will be useful for you all, whether you are currently studying abroad or preparing yourself for it.

Suddenly this post rekindled my (not-so) good times...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunset Strip

Okay so its not exactly Boulevard, but its the only place in the country where you could find the best neon lights. And the sky's pretty at dusk. Hmm. I think I've been here before, like... every week. Deja Vu? Hahaha.

Gadong Sunset Outing

We had a brief outing yesterday with the Brunei Forever Forum gang. The theme was Gadong Sunset Outing. Unfortunately there was no sign of the sun as the sky was totally covered with dark clouds (it rained later in the night). Anyway, Mr Airbiscuit was kind enough to give us a self-portrait and group photo opportunity with his fish-eye lens at our usual assembly spot near the Mall and here's the outcome.

Pictures courtesy of Airbiscuit.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Wide Enough

At 18mm, this is the widest I could reach. This image would've been better if I had a wider lens or a full-frame body. Argh!! racun racun RACUNNN!!!!

The After Exam Break

It was a fun-filled Saturday night for my little cousins who have recently completed their big exams (O levels, PMB and PSR). We had a little barbecue along with fun and games at my cousin Umi's place just nearby my house which the family organized for her, her siblings as well as their classmates and friends. My little brother also happened to be part of this exam break as he had just gone through his PMB exams. Just looking at them in their youthful times reminded me of my good old years in secondary school a few years back. Anyway, it was also our big family gathering as well, and I was appointed by my uncle to be the photographer for the night.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog It Up @ UBD

Cybercanon, Rano, Alin Kurapak, Reeda and Hiero

I attended the Blog It Up event held at UBD yesterday morning which was in conjunction with UBD's Global Entrepreneurship Week. It's a very fascinating event in which the three successful local bloggers Rano, Reeda and Alin showed everyone in the Senate Room of the Chancellor Hall how to be a successful local blogger and how to make money out of it. This programme is highly beneficial for those interested to take blogging as a part-time tool to generate passive income, all by setting up a presentable blog with a niche topic and advertise products or services on the blogsite.

Well I gotta say, I had a really great time throughout the event. After listening to the guest speakers, I feel motivated to start working on how to benefit from this blog which I have set up for over a year already. I mean, I shouldn't stop blogging since it has been a huge hobby for me, despite those people who suggested that I should give it a break. If I could reap the rewards from all my hard work, then why should I give it all up? Web 2.0 is indeed an opportunity for those who look hard for them.

From The Creators of The EeePC

Why buy an iMac when you can have this cheaper and lighter Asus EEE Top in the comfort of your home? And yes, its a touchscreen display interface. You can't do that on your Mac, can you?

Note: a typical Bruneian would cash out their month's pay as soon as its out at the end of this month to get one of these. Call it a stereotype but its true! That's why I've listed down the technical specifications below to help you decide whether you need one or not. Then again, its your money.
  • 1.6GHz Atom processor
  • widescreen (16:9) 15.6" display
  • 1 GB RAM, 160GB HDD
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi, speakers, SD card reader
  • 1.3MP webcam
  • Windows XP Home modified with Asus' big-icon Easy Mode
Click here to learn more.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful Muara Beach

I'm expecting another beach BBQ gathering this December. Can't hardly wait...

My Ultimate Racun

Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR

Can somebody get me one for my birthday?

Friday, November 21, 2008

1 More Month To Go

My attachment will be over soon. I'm sure gonna miss my time at Armada Properties especially at the Executive Housing area, so I decided to take some shots at the place for memories sake, lest I forget. Gotta love the garden area.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ekzos Besi


I've been tagged by cybercanon. Great! I don't usually do this but since I'm a bit sober this week I might as well give this a try.

Okay the rules of tagging is that;

1) You have to take your picture right now! (yes now, no editing, no fixing your hair or anything)

2) Post the picture immediately at your blog

3) Post it together with these rules

4) Tagged five other bloggers to do the same thing.

I look constipated...

Next, I'm tagging:




Sir Saiful


The Wonderful World of Chinglish

Found these while I was randomly browsing earlier this evening. Those Chinese sure cracked me up. Its amazing how they put up those words into their own version of the English language for the convenience of non-chinese tourists. Pacah!!!

In that case, I'll just litter.

I'll just take the one on the right, thanks.

I should give this a try when I get back at the hotel.

Did the cops actually notice this???

Must be the most boring place in mainland China.

Nahhh, I was actually looking for the sneeze corner.

I think I'm having one right now

Sweet! Is this legal?

Sh*t... What should I do now?


Do you have boat goes fartherrerest?

I was thinking of flushing it, but yeah, sure why not.

Oooh, I wonder what they're actually doing inside?

For 95 cents, you could get fresh herpes.

...and make sure you have your phone with you when you're in that situation.

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about!

Oh hell yeah I sure am, mister. Where do I sign?

...and my wang is literally confused.

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