Sunday, September 7, 2008

Support My Juniors

Hey readers. Heading to the stadium today? If so, please do visit several of my juniors' stalls as they are conducting their Gerai Ramadhan Business Project as part of their 2nd year assessment (an activity which I used to take part a year ago) . They will be selling throughout the month of Ramadhan at the Ramadhan stalls next to the National Stadium. Look for them. They're young, high spirited and always there to provide you with the best sungkai delicacies.

First up is Delic8zen. Sorry I've got no good pictures of them here because there was too much smoke in the area and somehow ruined my shots. Anyway, the stall is located exactly at the smokey-smokey area. Simply look for Stall T. Their specialty? Lamb Chops for $4.00! And look at the size of those things!

Introducing Eight, located at stall T10 which is close to the smokey-smokey area. They sell a variety of drinks and malay cakes. Their Air Kausar is a hit.

Just next to Eight is Wondrous, at stall T7. They have a wide selection of Kuih Melayu and a variety of drinks as well.

This is OHEF (One Hand Eight Fingers). I personally love their name, very creative indeed. Anyway, OHEF is located at stall C14, which is in the central area. Just look for these guys. Hot on their menu are their Butter-Milk Chicken Rice. Their Cincau drink is nice too.

Try the Butter-Milk Chicken Rice from OHEF.

Also located somewhere around the centre is Grassire at stall D5, and as I've mentioned in my previous post, they sell the popular 'Refreshing Juice' supplied by Rena@Shorteyelashes. Oh, and the Pais Daging is lovely too. I've personally tried them and I really love them.

The 'Refreshing Juice' that everybody's been talking about

Up next is Ex-Zone, located at stall B4. Hot on their menu are their carrot cake, chicken cheese balls and fresh orange juice. They're very well priced too.

Lastly is Mix10, located at stall M5 which is at the far end, and by looking at the picture, they sell very tasty Keropok Lekor. Just look for that cute little girl in pink and ask her to cook a fresh sizzling Lekor if you wish to buy. *LoL*

There's one company I still have yet to look for, and its FunTasteC at stall B15. From what I've heard, they sell waffles and a variety of cakes. I missed the opportunity to take their pictures so I've decided to borrow the image above from Gaara, a member of FunTasteC.

Regardless, I'll always be at the Stadium to check them out as well as to purchase Sungkai delicacies for my family and myself (after all, I live close by). So there you have it people, my Juniors Gerai Ramadhan for this year. Please do come and support them by purchasing from their stalls.

Do your part. Support the Business School stalls!


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