Wednesday, September 3, 2008

KB Outing

Every year, it has always been tough to deal with the constant hunger pangs throughout the afternoon on the very 1st day of the fasting month, so the best way to pass the time and put my mind off food yesterday was to go for an outing, in Kuala Belait! I tagged my Lumut cousin Aman along to accompany me for this short outing.

Rumah Nini Lumut

Even though I was not actually born there, KB has always been like home to me since my childhood. My grandparents and relatives reside mostly in Lumut. Its been so long since I visited KB. It's like all these while I've been going around in circles in Bandar and I figured I needed to look for a different place to photoshoot.

Unique formation of clouds

Kids, this is called The Nodding Donkey...

Candid taken by Aman


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