Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Machine Will Eat Your Hand

"pengisar-whatever-u-call machine aaaah. trauma ku melyt after what ku dangar." - mimiets
Accidents can happen. And that's exactly what occurred yesterday afternoon at the Gerai Ramadhan at the stadium. I dropped by to visit the juniors and they told me everything about the incident. Apparently I missed the scene because I came late.

Here's how the story goes. Some dude accidentally got his left hand in one of those sugar-cane grinding machines as he was pressing those sugar-canes into it to extract the juice. There were lots of screaming (most people thought there was a fight or something going on at first) and everyone actually witnessed the rather horrifying scene of the victim with his hand stuck in the grinder, crying in pain (someone nearby even fainted at the sight of the blood spill). Some of the people on duty came to the rescue to help him out and he was then immediately rushed to the hospital.

I hope the dude's alright. The incident that occurred yesterday left some of those who witnessed the tragedy a little traumatized to even look at the sugar-cane grinders. You gotta be extra careful when using those machines. It may look fun and harmless but once you get parts of you in it, you're definitely not gonna enjoy it. That goes with other machines as well, even your little harmless laptop computer could get you into trouble (electric shock, blown up power adapter / battery, etc). Jauh Palis... Think safety first, always.

Hmm, macam-macam kejadian lah bulan ani. Andangnya kali...


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