Friday, September 12, 2008

Millionaires Are From a Different Planet

I bought this book last week. No wait, actually I've 're-purchased' this book because I bought a copy of it some 6-7 years ago in Singapore at the time of its release, but halfway through reading it I lend it to someone and he never returned it back. Lesson learned; never lend people your books. They're great investments and if a friend wishes to read it, ask him/her to buy one for herself (there are always enough books for everyone, c'mon). I know I'm kinda karit in this particular thing but people kept borrowing my books and just never returned them back!

Anyway, this is one my favorite reads on finance and wealth. I am an absolute fan of Azizi Ali. His writing is sound and the book is actually more practical then technical. Azizi Ali, a Malaysian, is one of the best known millionaires coaches who's been conducting a lot of talks and seminars on wealth and financial success over the years in Malaysia. He was a pilot turned millionaire after realizing the true formula to financial freedom.

Millionnaires Are From a Different Planet is his first and one of his best books he's ever written. In his book, Azizi explained his theory that in order to be financially successful, its not just simply figuring out how to make more money, but rather manage your personal finance. Most people thought that to be rich and successful one needs to learn how to make more money, full stop. Azizi encouraged people to be smart in managing your money that you currently have, and from there you'll be able to see your money grow. All is explained in his book, which is indeed practical and logical. None of those MLM, pyramid, forex or money laundering stuff, just pure financial management that you can put to practice.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to my fellow colleagues and juniors of the Business School. It will teach you how to manage your money the right way so that you'll be well off in the future. And please get a copy. Don't borrow. Seriously people, buy books. Its sad that not many people read books here in Brunei. Reading is fun and at its true what our teachers used to tell us; reading more improves your English better, not DVD subtitles!

To learn more about Azizi Ali, visit his website at


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