Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memory Lane: The Business School Gerai Ramadhan 07

2007 was a great year for us. When we did our Business Project in our 2nd year, we believed that working in unity encouraged great results. One of the best moments was the Gerai Ramadhan which we set up in the parking lot of Bandar Seri Begawan (opposite Sheraton and the Royal Regalia building). It was the first Gerai Ramadhan to be organized as part of our Business Project assessment, and we're glad to be the first intake to give this a shot. We worked together under one tent to make it all possible.

Of course a lot of preparations were made beforehand. We had to skip a couple of classes (particularly our statistics *LoL*) for our medical check-up, the usual standard procedure. Preparations prior to the first day of our operation was the most hectic, but we're able to accomplish whatever needed to be done in time. At first we were reluctant to sell in BSB, knowing the fact that the Stadium has far more customers and a stronger sales potential (the secretarials got the spot instead), but then with a little help from marketing (we've made banners, flyers and spread the news on the internet) we're able to solve that problem.

We sold a lot of stuff throughout the month. My company specialized in Pizzas ($1 a piece), while the rest focused on the pari and the fishes which became a hit. Others relied on a variety of consignment goods as well as home-made drinks. We realized that we're able to garner a lot of profit from drinks alone.

With the supervision of Ms Halimahtun (she encouraged us to sell for Gerai Ramadhan in the first place) and assistance from Dazian Enterprise, we've made it all possible. In the end, we've managed to gain some projit, and at the same time gained the experience and knowledge which became beneficial for all of us involved in this project. The most priceless would be the fondest memories of our time together during the month of Ramadhan. I will always remember the times we've shared under one tent, and I never regret it. Gerai Ramadhan 2007 was a huge success for us and it's good to know that it has become a tradition as our juniors are currently selling at the stadium.

Yep, we really did a lot of marketing for this

At the Pari Station with Ms Halimahtun

We've attempted to work together as systematically as possible

Two hardworking gentlemen on duty


"Awu Sham, jantah ku dikacau, sibuk ku ni"

Mr Pizza provided by my company Aura

Men make up the best chefs in the world, and that's a fact

The hardworking duo

Somebody bought himself an iPhone that month

Apa durang liat atu ah? Macam lain saja...

The Havoc Bloggers before the blogging and photog era

Captured moments with our supervisor

Sai came to support us too (he just started weightlifting at this stage)

Something we did during our spare time (or kill time for sungkai)

We often bought really affordable kolo mee for sungkai from this good man.

By the way, I did made a write up on our report on this Gerai Ramadhan last year and posted it on this blog sometime during our operation, back when I was still in Aura. Check out our Gerai Ramadhan Weekly Report which I posted in September 24th, 2007.

Special thanks to Esha for lending me her brother's Sony Digital Camera to take all the shots above during the entire operation. Memories would've been lost without your contribution.


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