Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Fat

Extracted from the Borneo Bulletin Weekend health article 'Beating The Raya Bulge' on October 4 2008 by Hj Abdul Khalid Hj Azahari, Ministry of Health:

Some of us will find our weight has started to creep up. Then we wonder why - when theoretically we should be losing weight if we reduce our meals during Ramadhan. To understand this, we must first look into what happens to the body during the daytime in Ramadhan.

Our body's metabolism or 'engine' slows down during fasting, including the mechanism that burns fats. Therefore, during Ramadhan, fat burning is slowed down. When Ramadhan ends and we return to our normal eating pattern, our body takes some time to adjust to this change. Any food that comes in will be mostly stored as fat, therefore our weight increases.

Well, I guess that explains why a lot of us have been putting on so much weight this month. I have been eating a lot this festive season and now I'm declaring myself fat once again. So much for all the running at the stadium before the Ramadhan. I should start running first thing after raya ends (Lakat lagi ada urang open house minggu ani). But first things first, I need to buy a new pair of running shoes. The last one had already worn out.


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