Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Age 22

Syam just turned 22 yesterday. He invited us to his open house to have a get-together. Most of my schoolmates have turned 22 recently this year. 22 was the year I got into the Business School with them 3 years ago. Looking at how they enjoy their young adult lives in their early 20's sure resembled how I was like back then; youthful and high-spirited. Being in the mid 20's now, I realized that there's no turning back to the younger years and I must make the best of my remaining years as a young adult, before I reach 30 and start a family. There's just so much I must achieve first before I settle down, and time is of the essence for me.

I wish to greet a Happy Birthday to my good friend Hisyam. 3 years of knowing you since the Pre-National Diploma days has been really great. Make very good use of your youthful years and I hope to see you at the top in the future. (...and please update your blog eh)


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