Sunday, October 26, 2008

ND/BNF/17: Open Class

What a great Saturday. Free food! *LoL* My juniors held an open class throughout the day yesterday. We used to do this before during our time, and now it has become a tradition for every classes to organize an open class during the festive season. Yesterday was the ND/BNF/17's turn. I kept coming in and out to try out different food served on the table. In the end, I got 'caked'! More pictures here, here and here.

Mimiet Zabidi, Enoy Shahroney and Asnawi Puasa (hafal udah nama-nama facebook durang ani *LoL*)

My good old friend Nizam with classmates

The marvelous Tom Yam soup!

Yep, they really did served colorful rice

Gaara D

Akee and Hisyam, good friends since the Pre-national Diploma days

Haven't done this for quite a while

Never letting go her trusty compact camera

Azmina... peeking?

Diyana enjoys playing with my watermark. *LoL*


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