Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya With Friends On The 3rd Day

Crashing at Eyan's Crib

Updates have been slow lately. It's because Raya is a busy time for me and I've been going out 'beraya' a lot these past few days since Day 1. I've been shooting all day as well, not to mention the requests I got from my contacts in Facebook asking for their pictures I took (some sleepless nights I had to endure to touch up those photos). Regardless, I enjoyed what I do and here I am finally updating my blog.

So Day 3 was finally the time I got to be with my friends. We started the Beraya at Rena's place for an open house, and then we headed to Marriz where we had our group photo session. After that we headed to Eyan's and lastly at Dee's. Come to think of it, the places which we visited yesterday were all in one Mukim, Berakas. I took a ride with Kamal throughout the day.

Rena Shorteyelashes

Aidilfitri, a time for forgiveness

At Marriz's Place

Pre-group photoshoot (click here for the group photo)

On our way to Eyan's

The 'Beraya' with my friends didn't exactly end on that day. We had another one on the 4th day. I will update more pics of Day 4 soon. Right now I need some shut eye. It's 2.30AM now and I got work tomorrow.

At Rafhanah's house, the last place of our visit that evening. Credits to Amal Jasmine and Kamal for being the models for the day.


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