Sunday, August 17, 2008

The First School Function Held Outside Campus Circa 2006

Here's something I found lying around in my hard drive. It's a classic video of our previous school function we've organized 2 years ago, the Business School Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Teachers Day Celebration 2006. It was held at the multi-purpose hall of the Customs & Excise Office in Jalan Kebangsaan. It was also considered our first ever function to be held outside the school as we needed a bigger space to accommodate the rising number of students. Those who have recalled it (my fellow colleagues, respected seniors and beloved juniors) will definitely enjoy recollecting the moments treasured in this video clip.

This short video is actually a montage from the function shot prior to the end of all performances when everyone's taking photos and mingle around with fellow friends. I've been heavily involved in videoshooting back then before I shifted to photography. I did a lot of editing on this, so I do hope you all enjoy it. For those who were not there at that time, particularly those who have not enrolled into the Business School in 2006, well consider this as a head start for you all in preparing and organizing the next teachers day and hari raya function (which this time we get to sit and watch throughout the event, finally!).

From the video, you can tell a lot of difference from certain individuals you know, e.g. yang skarang ani kurus dulu berisi, and vice versa. Hahaha. But for us, we've seen how much we've grown and matured over the years since this function was held. As for our seniors, we surely miss them.


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