Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reviewing My Course of Life

Lately at work I've been thinking about the past. How the failures that I've endured before haunted me throughout the days at the office. But it makes me realize how I'm glad I've progressed so far. Now currently doing my industrial attachment in my 2nd month, I feel grateful to be able to make it through the past 3 years studying in the Business School, from the younger days of PD to the crazy hectic life of ND. Now I'm almost close to wrapping up my course and experiencing this new-found joy of being at work and out of school. Yes it does make me miss school sometimes but that's just the way it is, every seniors have to move on.

So what's next for me? Well I've been thinking for the past couple of years about considering taking higher education, but I have not the slightest thought of exactly where I wish to go because I haven't received my final year results yet. I'll be graduating next year that's for sure, after that it all depends on my achievements. If I manage to maintain outstanding results for this 2nd year, I will definitely consider taking that degree, whether it be through a scholarship or on my own expense. Regardless, I'll have to work hard on it.

My alternatives are branched into several paths if my results are not up to my expectations. From the advices that were given to me by my lecturers back in school, I'm still going to continue for higher education despite my age. I have my eyes set on taking Higher National Diploma for my next step after ND. The problem is, will I be able to make it to ITB? After observing the slim number of my seniors accepted in ITB I thought that the chances are pretty weak, particularly for one such as myself without good O level results.

Furthermore after reading an interesting post of a good friend of mine touching on the fate of national diploma graduates, I started to realize that this issue needs to be raised again. If there is no road for us to further advance our studies after graduation, then that just leaves us to join the workforce or start a business. If I'm just gonna give up studying after I graduate next year, how would my career prospects be? Despite the fact that the government offers better pay and benefits, I do not believe that by depending on those things will ensure long-term security and financial stability. As far as I see it, they're pretty much exactly at the same situation as those working in the private sector by the end of the day. And don't get me started with people starting up their own business.

The situation now is that at this age, I should be able to support my family. The opportunity cost for me to continue my studies now is that I won't be able to support them for another 3 years or so, and that I'd still be receiving allowances instead of salary slips. By now I should be living the life but due to these setbacks I'd have to struggle just a bit more and sacrifice a lot of things which I should be doing at this decade.

The year 2005. I was class representative at that time.

I remember 3 years ago when I decided to return to studying again. I was only 22 back then. I calculated that by the time I'm 25 and beyond I should be able to start a proper living like everyone else. Now that mindset which I used to have has changed. I've observed that the National Diploma that I'll be receiving would not be enough to support me for the long term. It's true. ND is just not enough. I must advance. Maybe its just human to think this way.

Hey I don't wish to worry much. What I can do now is do my best in what I'm currently doing, and I'll see how it goes after the results come out, which will probably be next year after this attachment is over. I mean, I'm doing fine right now with what I'm going through. Life has its ups and downs. It's up to us to make them as meaningful as possible.

"Udah kitani attachment nanti jangan lupakan kami ani ah. Keep in touch yo."


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