Friday, August 29, 2008

Save The Stress For Next Year

These past week I've noticed that my juniors (2nd year) are beginning to experience the assignment and test turbulence which are pretty much what we have experienced during our time in 2nd year. I've read their schedules which depict how tight their days and weeks are, with all the tests and assignment dues all crammed in, not to mention the Business Project activities, organizing school functions and the upcoming Gerai Ramadhan.

May 15 - one hour before our final Business Accounting exam

Hearing all this brings back a lot of memories for us. Clearly we've been there. I suggest that they keep hanging on and save the stress for next year, because the 1st semester hectic-ness is just only the beginning. By the time the 2nd semester (next year) approaches, there will be more wave after wave of tests and assignments which will keep pouring in.

So how did we manage to survive throughout our 2nd year? Basically, and most importantly, is to keep a constant positive mind. With positive thinking, you can get through whatever obstacles that get in your way, no matter how hectic or crazy they are. It's true that my classmates and I experience all this during our days making dead ends meet and lots of sleepless nights (even the seniors before us had to go through the same process), and no matter what, we struggled hard. We had to be strong under pressure and eventually we got better and stronger when the next challenge was given to us.

Picture grabbed from Marriz-Scene.

So guys, I just wanna cheer you up. 1 year isn't really that long. It'll all be over before you even know it. You will feel the joy and excitement by the end of the day after the final exams are completed. For now, please do have a great time during Gerai Ramadhan because it's gonna be the most memorable experience for you all. Don't feel demotivated about the fact that school hours are just gonna take away the energy for the afternoon activities because I can assure you that it's not exactly going to be that way at all, and instead you will have the greatest time of your school life, to be with your close friends in the holy month of Ramadhan. So all the best to you all. I will see you guys there soon.

Next week, I will be posting pictures of our previous Gerai Ramadhan activities organized last year, so stay tuned.


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