Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Lost 4 kg In a Month! Thank You Morning Run!

Kudos to me. I've successfully returned to my initial pre-Ramadhan weight. All that running in the wee hours of the morning have really paid off. But that doesn't mean I should stop now. I need to keep this up to get myself fit again just like the way I used to be before I got into The Business School.

Mind the socks (don't worry, it was early morning)

Just a lil' bit of error there. I actually weigh 1 kg less than as it was indicated on the scale when I took this shot, due to the extra weight of my camera I was carrying (a pocket-sized camera would've probably solved this problem). 77 kg baby yeah! Nevertheless, I don't look much different except that I got a lil' tanned. Come this end of December I should reach my desired target. And I think I'm ready to integrate hiking and swimming in my personal fitness program next month.

I love my morning run; getting up at 5 AM in the morning and heading straight to the stadium while it's still dark, and all alone, just me and my iPod. I'm not really a morning person, but it takes a lot of effort to push myself to do it. At one point I have experienced a couple of runner's high and it feels really great! The air is so fresh compared to the afternoon. Also, morning run is an energy booster. It's amazing how the body and mind feels throughout the day after a good jog.

One more month to go!


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