Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Verdict

So I was told that the original is far way better and scarier than the remake. Although to some extent I do agree. Hollywood has been known to butcher Asian horror flicks for the past few years its no wonder people just do not trust Americanized remakes anymore. But in the case of Quarantine, which is a carbon copy of Spanish film [Rec], the film has proven otherwise. I've watched both and here's my verdict. If you've watched the original, it is no doubt a scary film (bought the DVD last night). In my case, I've watched the remake first last week and I did enjoyed it very much. In my opinion, I find Quarantine a lot darker and that more thrills and surprises were added in. Both movies are awesome and its good to watch both, but as I said earlier, there's really nothing wrong to watch Quarantine first. So what are you waiting for, go book those tickets!


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