Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog It Up @ UBD

Cybercanon, Rano, Alin Kurapak, Reeda and Hiero

I attended the Blog It Up event held at UBD yesterday morning which was in conjunction with UBD's Global Entrepreneurship Week. It's a very fascinating event in which the three successful local bloggers Rano, Reeda and Alin showed everyone in the Senate Room of the Chancellor Hall how to be a successful local blogger and how to make money out of it. This programme is highly beneficial for those interested to take blogging as a part-time tool to generate passive income, all by setting up a presentable blog with a niche topic and advertise products or services on the blogsite.

Well I gotta say, I had a really great time throughout the event. After listening to the guest speakers, I feel motivated to start working on how to benefit from this blog which I have set up for over a year already. I mean, I shouldn't stop blogging since it has been a huge hobby for me, despite those people who suggested that I should give it a break. If I could reap the rewards from all my hard work, then why should I give it all up? Web 2.0 is indeed an opportunity for those who look hard for them.


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