Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Has Arrived

It's the first day of another new month today, and raya is finally over. October has been a crazy month indeed. Can you believe it? We've only got 60 days left before 2008 comes to an end. 60 days doesn't really sound that long anymore. I mean, you can literally count the days.

60 more days and my industrial attachment will be over. After that I'll only be worrying about my graduation. For now I must complete this attachment with flying colors. the past 4 months have been pretty good. In fact, I look forward to see where this is going. There's a pretty huge gap between the end of the attachment and the graduation so I should consider about staying or finding another job. Of course, I feel more tempted to choose the former.

I've actually started my strict diet plan as of today, and I'm sticking to it until my given deadline on the 1st of January of next year. This is the month in which I've to watch what I eat and really start running. I've got 60 days to accomplish in bringing my weight down. I believe the timing is pretty adequate for me, as long as I keep up with the momentum. The hardest part would be organizing my time but its a challenge that I'm willing to take for the sake of my health. And of course, I must keep myself away from whatever temptations that I will face along the way.

I should start keeping track of my progress. 60 days is indeed a short given time but I gotta do it. If this turns out to be a success, I'm definitely gonna celebrate the new year with a bang! Wish me all the best.

Goodbye Aidilfitri, see you again next year.


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