Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gadgets of 2009

All the way from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, here's what to expect for 2009 for all you gadget hobbyists and qqestore.com fans out there. Source: pcworld.com

Next-Generation Pocket Camcorders

Looks like the next trend after dSLRs and compact cameras would be Hi Def video camcorders, all over again. And this time they'll be pocket-sized. Ditch those digital cameras and start shooting videos in 2009 with the Kodak HD Zx1.

Internet TV

Cable TV is dead and digital broadcasting will be mainstream. Every television set on earth will have access to the internet, so you no longer just rely on computers or your cellphone to surf the web or stream movies, thanks to the support of Yahoo! widgets built in your flat screen TV.

Video Phone

You've seen them in movies for years. Now you can have them in your living room and video conference with your friends like in -insert your favorite sci-fi movie here- with this beauty by iRiver. And yes, that's a touch-screen interface, designed by the same guy who created the touch-screen on the iPhone.

3D Goggles (No wait, its gonna be a better one this time!)

Everyone wants to be in 3D land. They've attempted Virtual Goggles back in the 90's but over years it turned out 3D games with ultra-realistic graphics on a flat screen monitor is far more awesome. Well now you can immerse yourself in those 3D games with ultra-realistic graphics with this new and improved 3D goggles we've always dreamed of. Designed by Nvidia, your most trusted graphics card manufacturer.

Palm Pre with Web OS

Palm is back, and this gadget is unlike any other. You turn this thing on and boom, you're on the internet. The entire screen is a web application. In other words, the internet is in the palm of your hands. The first of its kind in the history of smart phones. Isn't that cool? Or do I start sounding like Steve Jobs now?


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