Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guess What Movie This Is From

Her name's Sabrina, also known to her friends and on the internet as Sabby Wabby. She's an aspiring young photographer and blogger, as well as a member of the Brunei Forever elite. Being young doesn't stop her from joining us in our photo-shoot outing, particularly in the recent Chinese New Year morning outing on the 26th. Such full of youth made into good use, and I've got 4 more wild and crazy years before I hit 30. Sigh... uhhh, anyway, do visit her blog and say hi to her.

And no, this is not from a movie. It's something I've been experimenting on; turning images I shot into cinematics. Kinda look like straight out of an indon chick flick eh? Well if I had you all convinced in the first place, then my experiment is a success. *LOL*


aman said...

very nice di! the character pun very nice...i like the cinema thingy look-a-like...heheh

~N~ said...

U fooled me!!! OMG, i can't bliev it.. i was mana kan ni... ada movie indon baru lgi kah??? really.. no joking there.. congrats!! bleh minta jadi photographer ni nanti *coughs* keep it up

Hiero said...


Sabrina Mahmud said...


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