Friday, January 2, 2009

Malam Berbedak, Nurul Bazilah

Here's to you, 2009, my first wedding project for the new year. Sunday's the big day for my good friend Faiz for his 'bersanding' ceremony with his beloved wife Bazilah. Last night I've made a coverage of her Upacara Malam Berbedak at her residence.


Calvin said...

It wouldn't be too much, from the view of wedding pros. This is still normal where I can see vignette to some of your pictures. You can do better than this. "WoW".."lawa".. are not appropriate critiques and comments for something serious like these.. I Hope you can do more..

Work on your angle mate..
and yeah ..Vignette only occur when you know how to use it.
and most of all. Focusing!!

Keep Shooting

Hiero said...

Thanks for the comment mate. Really appreciate it. I'll do my best to improve on my weak points. :)

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