Saturday, January 17, 2009

Armada Revisited

A small farewell gathering was held yesterday for the attachment students of Armada Properties. We were called back to attend and receive our certificates and tokens of appreciation for the 3 of us; Rena, Nur Ain and myself. The NTC attachment students were also there to receive their certificates. It's really nice to be back in Armada for a day to see our supervisors and work colleagues. Even driving down there sure felt so familiar, like its home to me.

Being attached with Armada Properties for a period of 6 months have been a rewarding experience. The challenges were always there, and being able to contribute my skills and expertise to good use has been an effort which I believed had brought a lot of benefit for the company as well as for my personal development. Working there has also given me a preview of what it’s like to manage properties and how the real estate business really works. It has always been my curiosity and interest to learn and experience real estate in the first place and this is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities that I’ve ever received in my enrolment as a business student in The Business School.

Nur Ain is the only one who have decided to stay in Armada while waiting for her graduation

6 months have been a memorable experience indeed, and sometimes I couldn't even believe that the final phase of my course is over. What awaits us now is our graduation day sometime in April. After that, it's on to the next level. So exactly what I'm planning to do during these 4 months awaiting graduation is really up to me to make the best of it. I'm actually looking forward for some thrills before my 26th birthday comes up. KL, here I come!

July - December 2008, forever in our sweetest memories


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