Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New iPod Shuffle

Apple on Wednesday introduced the next generation iPod Shuffle. Now it is nearly half the size of the previous model at 1.8 inches tall by 0.3 inches thin. This new model is the smallest portable music player, but being so small doesn't mean compromising memory capacity. Apple has bumped up this little gizmo up to 4GB!

The new iPod shuffle comes in silver or black and features a sleek and design with a built-in stainless steel clip. By removing the buttons Apple was able to make the shuffle smaller, without compromising on other features. All of the controls are located on the earphone cord, allow you to play, pause, adjust volume, switch playlists and, get this, 'hear' the name of the song and artist. That's right. This Shuffle actually talks! Not convinced? Check out this demo:

The new Shuffle is now the smallest music player in the world, but despite being smaller, it actually holds more songs. Its revolutionary features and control totally obsoletes the old models. This is your perfect companion for your weekly jogging and gym needs. Get this if you can't afford a Nano.


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