Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Macbeth

I've got people asking me what was all the Macbeth play all about. Well first of all, it's not exactly the complete play of the tragedy written by Shakespeare, per se, but more of a comedic spin on the famous Macbeth play. Of course, one would need to be familiar with the tragic story of Macbeth in order to really enjoy this upcoming show organized and performed by the Brunei Amateurs Dramatic Society. Simply put, Macbeth is a medieval Scottish tale that ends sadly as a result of the ruthless ambition of an equally guilty husband and wife team.

Here's the synopsis of the upcoming play: A classic story about a group of ladies who attempt to stage Macbeth as their entry for a Drama Competition. The heavens conspire to ensure everything possible goes wrong, with series of mishaps occurring. But the valiant ladies struggle on regardless, though no one is quite good enough to save the day.

If you want a taste of how a live theatrical act feels like, this is your chance to witness a tremendously exciting play of a classic at D'Anggrek Hotel in April. At this moment, the production is still in its rehearsal stages. More details about the upcoming show soon, so do check back.

Images courtesy of Mr Syaf.


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