Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Group Behind The February KL Trip

F#%#^%@ I'm NOT in this picture!!!

Time and time again, I always ended up not being in the group photos, well, for obvious reasons (duhh ~). Anyway, here's the group that I went to KL with last month; Khyrul, Dijah, Gboy, Fahmi, Buzz and Khyreen. It was a fun-filled trip. They've enjoyed the shopping and sightseeing, while I had my own fun with all the street photoshoots. Our last day in Sunway Lagoon was perhaps the most exciting one as we totally experienced our breakaway from all the years of studying and celebrate our upcoming graduation and career ahead of us. In fact, we wished the rest who couldn't join us were there to enjoy it.


david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!! Excellent photos and pretty colours! Brunei is very nice.
Have a nice day!!!!

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