Saturday, March 14, 2009

Countdown To Convocation '09

PD/BNF/02, graduated in 2006

It's already been set. My colleagues and I will graduate next month and the Convocation will be held in ICC on the 23rd of April. I'm so excited now, coz this is indeed the moment I've been waiting for after all these years. I still couldn't believe that its close to the end of our course already, and 2005 still feels like yesterday. To think that I wanted this to happen so fast back when we were still sitting in campus.

We've gone through many challenges, passed so many obstacles, and for 4 long years we've endured all that. We made friends, we formed assignment groups, we held gatherings and events, we went through the pain and hardship together, and we made it to the end together. We remained friends until today, and we will forever cherish the moments we've spent together in the Business School since Day 1. And now, its time for us to graduate and move on, as new challenges and opportunities awaits us in our doorsteps. As one journey ends, another begins.

In light of this upcoming event, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have given us all the support throughout the years of studying in The Business School for our National Diploma in Business & Finance. Our parents, instructors, friends, seniors, juniors, colleagues and of course, the Almighty. Our future has become a brighter one and we hope to take it further to the next level. See ya at the convo!


surkrew said...

congratulations dude, and good luck in everything

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