Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Night Pre-Wed

Special thanks to Zadm for inviting me to tag along with him on his pre-wedding photo-shoot for his clients last night. It was an opportunity to be able to volunteer, observe and participate in his project in order for me to learn more about photo-shooting pre-weds. Last night was even more of a challenge as his clients requested it to be done at night in Jerudong Park from the playground all the way to the garden with the colorful fountain.

After last night's experience, I find pre-wed photo-shoot quite a chore, what with all the gears and equipment that needed to be carried around from one point to another in order to achieve a perfect lighting setup, but the satisfaction was indeed there after hours of photo-shoot, and I learned a lot from this tag-along with Zadm, a young local wedding photographer of 2 years experience in the field. I'm still new at this, and there's still so much more to learn...


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