Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bukit Bintang, The Nightlife Experience

As Brunei is fast asleep after 9PM, the night life in Kuala Lumpur is alive with coffee shop establishments, pubs, street performers, neon lights and people. Here at Bukit Bintang, you could find just about any activities worth checking out as the night kicks in. Festivities and new years eve are annually held here in this part of the city. Just remember to bring your cameras.

Even at night, the streets are as busy a day.

These street performers are called buskers, and they're pretty good with their instruments. Kamaloko wrote an interesting article on them recently in our local newspaper.

Break dancers and shufflers also liven the night with their skills

In case you're lost...

It's everyone's favorite Goldman!

...and his sidekick, the silver midget.

They're literally everywhere!

I dubbed this place 'Arab Street' because of the variety of middle-eastern establishments along the block.

The Leonardo of Bukit Bintang

"Sooo... ya wanna come over to my place tonight?"

Hungry again, so we decided to grab ourselves a foot long Subway sandwich around the corner.


surkrew said...

those are really interesting pictures. very nice, not to mention, its at night.

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