Friday, February 20, 2009

Life In The Metropolis

5 days, and that's not even enough. There's just so much to explore in the urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur. And let's not start with all the shopping. KL is a haven for that. I didn't bring much with me as my purpose of tagging along in this trip with my group of friends was to unwind and take pictures. Besides I'm not a fan of shopping. I'd rather enjoy walking miles and miles to no end as long as there's plenty to look at. Sightseeing, anything that expands my horizon, was just the remedy I needed after all these years. I think I'm up for another round, maybe in the next new years eve perhaps? And this time, I'm goin alone.

I've finally got to explore KL with all the freedom I've dreamed off. The last time I went to Kuala Lumpur was years ago and it was only due to errands which i needed to fulfill (work related). Now I got the chance to wander boldly in the city streets and explore new territories. I loved the adventure. I loved the thrill. This was exactly what I've always enjoyed doing for the past few years. And Singapore wasn't even like this.

I loved all the walking. Its ridiculously tiring, mind you, but the thrill's there when you commute in a busy city. I tend to get hungry from every destination I went to. Its no wonder Malaysians are slim and fit. All that walking sure burned all the calories I swore I didn't take a crap for 2 days (and I was all freakin worried bout that). The food must've had evaporated from all the walking in the city. Speaking of food, I had to try almost all the fast food chains in the city. Did I ever mention that the KFC Original Recipe chicken over there tasted a lot better than the ones sold here?

Oh, and was it just me or was I the only one lugging around a digital SLR in the streets? Almost everyone there only carried digital compacts for convenience sake and when I was there with my gear, suddenly I was a pro! I mean, here in Brunei everyone's going for the dSLR craze which serves no other purpose except taking good quality pictures, but carrying one in KL can be such a hassle for those not up for street photography in such a huge city. And then there's a chance of being stolen. I recalled how some people actually gawked at me while I was busy aiming for a shot, It just didn't feel comfortable. But I've managed to avoid that by blending with the people.

As I said earlier, I'm looking forward for another round, hopefully again this year. There's more that I haven't checked out. I've yet to return to Shah Alam, a beautiful place I once visited, surely lots of photo opportunities there. And then there's the Putrajaya and a few museums I'd like to visit in the future. Maybe I could try climbing the insanely long stairs at Batu Caves?


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