Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UBD students, staff told: Go 'green', cycle to work

STUDENTS, faculty and staff of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam are encouraged to cycle "more frequently, and to drive less frequently" as the construction of bicycle parks around the campus are now under way, a university official said yesterday.

The bicycle project is part of the UBD Green Project, which is a long-term initiative to the greening of the campus and to help educate the UBD community about environment sustainability and its challenges, said Assistant Vice-Chancellor Dr Hj Junaidi Hj Abd Rahman.

The Banks of Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) yesterday contributed $19,677 to fund the building of bicycle parks which will be carried out in two phases.

The bank's contribution was in support of the UBD's Green Project initiatives launched in October 19, and BIBD officially became the principal partner for UBD's Convo Festival this year.

BIBD's head of product Management and Marketing Solutions Dona Eldayana Johan handed the mock cheque for the contribution to the Vice-Chancellor.

The first phase of the construction of the bicycle park is now under way in four areas around the campus namely. the Student Affairs Section , Educational Technological Centre , Male Residential College , and the Central Lecture Theatre. This phase cost a total of $4,341.

Phase two of the project, which will cost $11, 736, will be carried out in other areas within the campus such as the Chancellor Hall, Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement , Female Residential College , Administration building, Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies , Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences , Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education , Sports Complex and UBD Mosque.

"It is hoped that the construction of the bicycle parks around the UBD campus will encourage students and staff to cycle more frequently, and to drive less frequently, to the university, thus reducing energy emission," said assistant vice-chancellor.

"Since the establishment of UBD, there have been various initiatives involved in the 'Greening' of the UBD Campus. However, the focus is now on enhancing awareness of the current environmental challenges," he added.

"Cycling is fun, economical, environmentally-friendly and a healthy way to travel. BIBD therefore applauds this initiative," said Dona Eldeyana.

"We at BIBD feel that it is necessary for all university campuses, especially one as big as UBD's to have parking spots for bicycles stationed throughout the campus. With this, we encourage not just the students but also the lecturers and staff of UBD to opt for this healthier travel option and to make full use of these bicycle stands/racks, and the bicycles which UBD will soon provide," she said.

"Hopefully in the very near future, we will have students and staff cycling to the university."

In line with the objective, UBD will be carrying out a campaign called, "Its Fun To Use Bicycle" from October 26 to November 7, to encourage students to promote the idea of cycling around the campus as a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

In addition to the contribution, BIBD will also be sponsoring the prizes for UBD's Amazing Race 2009, which will be held on October 28. Having a similar concept of the popular TV show "The Amazing Race", the activity is one of the students' initiatives as part of UBD's Convocation Festival activities.

UBD's version of "Amazing Race" will evolve aroung the "Green Concept". There will be 11 checkpoints situated around UBD campus and at each checkpoint, contestants will be faced by a myriad of tasks ranging from cycling to searching for fauna. There will be 28 participating teams with each team consisting of four members. The Champions for UBD's Amazing Race 2009 will each receive $500 while the four first runners up will each receive $300 and the four second runners up will each receive $100.


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