Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Put a Little Google in Your Pocket

All the talk about Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing sounds like music to my ears. And then theres the Samsung I7500, the first Android phone by Samsung. the I7500 sports a gaggle of Google apps: You can send Gmail, sync your Google Calendar, manage voice mail via Google Talk, and watch YouTube videos. An integrated GPS antenna gives you access to Google Maps and its people-finding app, Google Latitude.

You could surf at near desktop speeds on a blazingly fast 7.2-megabits-per-second HSDPA network, or connect to the Web via Wi-Fi with this little gizmo. With 8GB of internal memory (plus a 32GB card slot), the I7500 has plenty of room to run the hundreds of apps available from the Android Market, play music, and store photos snapped with its 5-megapixel camera. The I7500 also sports gorgeous active-matrix OLED touchscreen and slick interface. If you're not iphone savvy, why not get one of these and enjoy the full power of a true internet phone.


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