Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Do Our Part

As of yesterday, there has been a total of 164 cases of H1N1 infected reported by the Ministry in our country, and that number seems to be gradually rising. Now, I am against promoting scare, but I strongly support the authorities to fight this plague that's engulfed in our beloved nation. So let's do our part in whatever we can to minimize the spreading of the virus by following the guidelines prepared by the health authorities. We can do it!

Prevention is better than cure. Apply those hand sanitizers and put on those masks. Maintain good hygiene. Boost your immune system by eating a well-balance meal rich in vitamins. Minimize social gatherings or being in crowded places. Postpone traveling overseas (unless if there are important businesses to attend to). Lastly, don't panic, always keep a positive mind, and pray.

More information and updates of H1N1 in Brunei can be obtained here.


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